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Shri Bharat V. Shah with 55 kW Energy Efficient motor designed by him at M/s Polyphase motors (Motor is operational at stone quarry in Palanpur, Gujarat) Award of display and demonstration of Innovative Technology to M/s Polyphase Motors 45 kW(60 HP) Energy Efficient Motor at FSSI Exhibition, dated 24.1.2002
Group of Energy Efficient motors 45 kW (60 HP) to 18.5 kW(25 HP), for Stone Quarry, Palanpur, Gujarat 30 kW(40 HP), EE motors
Defence: 37 / 3.7 kW, 1500 / 500 rpm, Winch Motor for Kasara Gate, M/s Mazgaon Dock Ltd., Mumbai 45 kW (60 HP), 1500 rpm EE motor, motor for spindle drive, centre less grinding machines.

For German Make motor, 3000 rpm, Steel tube rolling mill in Gujarat (Palanpur)

Defence motor for Hyundai - 20/ 25 kW, Brake motor, NSS A grade for M/s L&T Ltd. Chennai
14 Nos. , 15 kW, 1500 rpm, EE motors for Ceramic Tile manufacturing plant, Guajrat

0.75 kW (1 HP)

22 kW,S3 Duty for winch Motor at 12000 rpm coin does not fall.
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