V Adm HS Malhi, CMD, Reliance Defence R Adm (Retd) RK SHRAWAT, AVSM




Indian Navy and Coast Guards have been using ours motors from 1987 to date. We are Defence Approved Unit registered with DQA (WP).
We supply Shock Grade motors for Indian Navy and Defence with Naval Specification EED-Q-071
Air chief Marshal AY Tipnis, presenting memento to Shri Bharat V. Shah, at Defense Seminar, 30th Augest 2001 ADGQA(WP), R Adm AK Verma, and CQAE(MS), Mumbai, Cmde Deshpande at M/s Polyphase Motors,21.01.09. Presentation by Mrs. Amee Shah
Right to Left: Captain Aseem Anand, Principal Director of Indegenisation Unit, MOD; Vice Adm NN Kumar, AVSM, VSM, Chief of Material, IH, MOD(Navy); Captain A.K. Keshri, Indegenisation Unit(W), MOD with Shri Bharat V. Shah during SMM-2013 Exhibition Right to Left: Display of M/s. Polyphase Motors in Indian Navy Stall during SMM-2013 Exhibition.
Vice Adm NN Kumar, AVSM,VSM, Chief of Material, IH,MOD(Navy); Captain Aseem Anand, Principal Director of Indegenisation Unit, MOD,With Shri Bharat V. Shah during SMM-2013 Exhibition
Left to right: PDND, Cmde Nagpal; Captain Aseem Anand, Principal Director of Indegenisation Unit, MOD; R Adm AK Saxena, NM, Director General(Baval Design)with Shri Bharat V.Shah in Indian Navy Stall at SMM-2013 Exhibition R Adm RS Randhwa (Director, DMDE) and Cmde D Prabhakar (Addn Dir,DMDE) with Shri Bharat V. Shah at M/s. Polyphase Motors in 1996

Left To Right:Captain Keshri, Indegenisation Unit(W), MOD; Captain Aseem Anand, Principal Director of Indegenisation Unit, MOD with Shri Bharat V. Shah: Examining complete documents, from P.O. receipt, Drg.s, QAP, RM TCs,W / P Reports, Test Results, upto FORM-IV, segregated section-wise.

Left To Right: Shri Bharat V. Shah; Capt Aseem Anand, Principal Director of Indegenisation Unit, MOD; Captain A K Keshri, Indegenisation Unit(W), MOD.
Discussing advantages of Die Cast Copper Rotors(Already used for M/s DMDE)


We are registered for the following items :

  1. 3-PHASE ELECTRICAL MOTORS UPTO 220 KW with Control Panel.
  2. MOTORISED BLOWERS UPTO 15 KW with Control Panel.
  3. GEARED MOTORS UPTO 15 KW with Control Panel.
  4. BRAKE MOTORS UPTO 15 KW with Control Panel.

Some of the Prestigious orders executed by us. 

Builder Application Project Equipment Main Contractor
Cochin Shipyard Ltd. Air Defence Ship P 71 Steering Gear Motor L & T Ltd.
GRSE ASW Corvette P 28 Steering Gear Motor Lllyods Steel Industries Ltd.
GRSE ASW Corvette P 28 CPP motors Goa Shipyard Ltd.
DMDE “Special Project” S 3 Steering Gear Motor Geeta Engg. Works Pvt.Ltd.
More than 340 Nos. motors to INS Arihant and Successors- S2, S3, S4.
By Now, we have developed almost all AC Motors suitable for Russian Blowers, output ratings ranging from 22 kW to 0.18 kW. Each of these motors is equivalent to and interchangeable with the original Russian AC Motors. Each Model is Type Tested for Environment Tests.

NSS A Grade Motor Exported to M/s Leistritz Pumpen GMBH, Germany:   8 Nos. 25 kW,  1500 rpm, TE, Enclosure IP 57, NSS A Grade motors have been exported by us to M/s Leistritz Pumpen GMBH, Germany. The motors and enclosure IP 57 have been approved by M/s. DCNS, France.

Dot Pump Motors For GRSE : We have supplied to GRSE, Diesel Oil Transfer (DOT) Pump Motors for yard Nos. 3010 and 3011, through M/s Multifab (Gujarat) Pvt. Ltd. Its rating was 1.1 kW, 12-pole,       440 V, 60 Hz and quantity were 4 nos. We have achieved 18% reductions in weight and superior performance compared to previous vendor of motors. This weight reduction is also on the record of Ministry of Defence. The shock Calculations of the above motors was approved by Defence.

Development of Kasara Gate Winch Motor for MDL Import Substitute : M/s. Mazagon Dock Limited had placed onto us the order for 1 No. double speed Motor in 250 M Frame size (Orginal : Crompton Parkinson, U.K. Make)
This motor drives the Kasara Gate at Mazagon Dock Limited. It has a provision that, if while pulling the rope, the motor can be run in the reverse direction at a considerably slow speed to correct the slack. This requires two windings of 1500 RPM and 500 RPM.

We had successfully manufactured this motor with considerably superior in electrical performance and without any deviation in mechanical values.

No other Indian manufacturer was coming forward to offer equivalent motor of such a critical nature.

15 kW – Brake motors for L&T., Chennai : We have successfully supplied 2 Nos., 15 kW, 900 RPM, 8 Pole, 440 V, 60 Hz, Frame size – 200 L, Shock Grade NSS-I motors to L&T Ltd., Chennai, in July,2004. These were for their South Korea project. The shock calculations of above motors are approved by educational institute. These have been accepted in South Korea. This motor had dimensional constraints, which we overcame. The concerned motor has already been exported and commissioned on a Warship in South Korea. These motors were completed by us within eight weeks. No procedures were by passed.

Energy-Efficient Motors for Refits : We have manufactured 1 No. – 25 HP and 1 No. – 12.5 HP motors for Refits for Cochin Ship Yard Ltd, in March-04 and April – 04.

Both motors were Energy Efficient motors having no-load current values as 9.3 A and 6.1 A. resp. Our motors will result in the savings of electrical energy, even at partial load conditions. Also they will have superior values of power factor. This will result into lesser power (kW) as well as lesser KVA load on the ship supply.

Superior performance values for Defence, can be achieved with continous improvements in the Technology-Design of Products. They are :

  1. Superior grades of raw materials are being used for the manufacture of motor for 
    Navy and special projects (DMDE).
  2. Higher factors of safety. Thus more rugged motor.
  3. The no-load current values are lower, power saving even at partial loads (50 %, 75 %).
  4. The noise level of our motors are well within specified declared limits. This can be achieved by the fabrication of special designed fan.
    Noise Level : Navy is concerned about the Noise Level of motors. With verbal discussion with 
    Ministry of Defence, we have done extensive Designing and Testing for controlling
    this parameter. The results are encouraging.
  5. The vibration value achieved in our motors is from 0.006 mm to 0.010 mm in 7.5 kW, 2 Pole motors developed for DMDE. Such precision grade values can be achieved in motors for defence by implementation of techniques same as motors for machine tools.



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