was founded in 1975, by a technocrat, with the experience in Design and Production Departments of a leading MNC motor manufacturer. Presently, the unit has developed more than one thousand electrical and mechanical designs of motors.

Motors for various applications have been developed and are being catered to leading equipment manufacturers and users in the respective fields. They include, machine tools, machines tools peripherals, textile machinery, plastics machinery, pumps, blowers, compressors, material handling equipments, chemical plants and projects.

The unit also enjoys the approval from Defence. Motors are being supplied for warships and special naval projects (DMDE).

The unit has BIS License IS: 325 1996. All the requisite test facilities are in - house.

Technology With Human Face ::

Technology advantages come from continuous interactions with leading clients, other motor manufacturers, consultants, designers and raw material suppliers.
These are amply matched with the human touch while offering solutions for individual drive applications.

Alternative solutions are offered based on the minimum needs from motors, supplemented with additional potential range of uses / duty cycles. Also considered are the volumes involved, the extent of unknown load parameters, etc.


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